Clarify360: Enabling Smart IT Procurement

Kelly Ratcliff, CEO
The fast progressing technological changes have made it essential for the internal procurement teams to quickly meet the demands of both internal and external customers for new tools and services. “As supply teams are asked to take on more responsibilities, they need a partner that understands the shifting dynamics within the provider landscape to help navigate complex connectivity and cloud solution sets,” explains Kelly Ratcliff, the CEO of Clarify360. In this scenario, Clarify360 brings forth boutique consultation and sourcing services to optimize workflow, ROI, and acts as a bridge between the procurement and IT teams within the digital landscape.

As cloud services become more ubiquitous, wasted spending occurs due to piecemeal purchasing of services, and loss of visibility and oversight of ungoverned applications or access. “Organizations require assistance in implementing a fence around unmanaged spend. We believe that procuring cloud services requires a lifecycle management approach and we’re here to help,” says Ratcliff. Clarify360 drives IT value holistically, bringing together stakeholders across business units together to help eliminate redundancies, provide for group discounting, optimize usage, and integrate reliable monitoring and management systems.

In the wake of GDPR, the emphasis on third parties has made data protection, the procurement team’s problem. Now, the initial data controller has liability for all the data links within the supply chain. Clarify360 is invested in helping procurement collaborate with IT to determine and supervise the flow of data from the client’s organization.

Clarify360 assists in designing a new environment through a seven-step process—baseline assessment, stakeholder review, RFP development, solution sourcing, negotiation, installation, and ongoing support. Clarify360’s team of veteran experts in the infrastructure space around connectivity, cloud, and collaboration has forged their experience through performing 1000+ sourcing engagements of greenfield environments.
The company has exponential experience in audits utilizing more than 170+ provider-pricing frameworks.

“By defining project needs, developing a comprehensive but complete solution, determining evaluation criteria, vetting providers, and providing expert advice, we compress cycles and provide a path to success,” states Ratcliff. These relationships coupled with our market intelligence enable us to afford clients the best pricing and contract terms.

Ratcliff cites a client interaction during which a multi-national gaming firm wanted to reduce their overall spend and upgrade the customer satisfaction factor. The client wanted to consolidate carriers and bills along with finding alternative carriers and feature sets to improve the connectivity of voice, internet, and call center services. Clarify360 conducted an audit and inventory check, which was followed by sourcing and implementing solutions to consolidate billing, renegotiate contract terms, standardize the gaming platform, and reduce existing carriers by 40 percent. Over the course of eight years, Clarify360 assisted the client in achieving 52 percent in savings amounting to approximately $43 million.

Ratcliff also draws attention to the shifting security posture and the increased spend on security due to regulations, shifting buyer mindset, awareness of emerging threats, and the evolution to a digital business strategy. Clarify360’s procurement team can introduce the necessary tools and vendors to protect a client’s network, detect and respond to threats, assist with controlling credentials and user access, establish priorities and set up a program, and protect data applications and endpoints. With the evolving technological and security landscape in mind, Clarify360 is adding services with an emphasis on Security-as-a-Service initiatives as well as IoT and cloud security to their solution portfolio.

“At Clarify360, we believe that the value of procurement is not just about savings. It’s about being a partner,” states Ratcliff. The company arms their client’s team with powerful data and insights to provide measurable financial impact and strategic business objectives. “We want to raise the profile of IT procurement and help deliver excellent outcomes.”


New Albany, OH

Kelly Ratcliff, CEO

Provides concierge-style consultancy and sourcing services related to connectivity, cloud, collaboration, and mobile across the enterprise landscape