Beeline: Optimizing Nonemployee Workforce Procurement

Doug Leeby, CEO
Necessity is the mother of innovation. Years ago, when companies had to expend an enormous amount on IT contractors as a contingent workforce, the world soon saw the rise of vendor management system (VMS) software that could help organizations control and optimize the large amounts they were spending. Spearheading the innovation, Beeline provides a VMS solution that allows organizations to automate the contingent workforce procurement processes, resulting in cost savings and quality improvements. With evolving market conditions, businesses have struggled to optimize contingent labor pricing due to poor visibility and insights into staffing needs. With the advent of the gig economy, there is additional pressure from a regulatory compliance perspective, requiring companies to stay compliant or risk substantial penalties. Over 80 percent of businesses rely on contingent labor. With vast industry knowledge and strong technical know-how, Beeline is taking a holistic approach to empowering businesses to be on top of their game in modern workforce management. Leveraging cutting-edge SaaS technology and a consultative business strategy, the company pays close attention to business requirements, recommends solutions to clients, and optimizes the talent supply chain, making them a trusted partner. “Beeline is innovating and forging a path to accommodate the future of work for the enterprise,” begins Doug Leeby, CEO, Beeline. Through its state-of-the-art solutions, Beeline enables companies to procure and manage temporary employees quicker and at appropriate pricing, while being compliant with evolving regulatory mandates.

Combining speed and efficiency into its solutions, Beeline allows clients to collect various attributes about contingent labor on one platform and automate compliance management. The company’s flagship VMS offering automates the end-to-end management of contingent labor. One of the modules of Beeline VMS is a statement of work (SoW) sourcing and management solution which is gaining wide traction. Fifty eight percent of purchases at businesses are services (including contingent labor). Using this module, companies can ensure that the amount paid to their SoW-based service suppliers matches contractual deliverables. The solution gives organizations a centralized view of all stages—from negotiation and sourcing to engagement management through invoice and payment, in a workforce procurement process.

We keenly observe the evolution of the workforce procurement industry and innovate our solutions accordingly

With Beeline VMS, companies can get relevant information about both the contingent labor and SoW, providing oversight and control of their total extended workforce spend. Another VMS module, resource tracking, tracks and reports on every contingent worker at every site, regardless of labor category.

“As the buzz around ‘future of work’ and gig economy becomes louder, we have added another module called self-sourcing which empowers companies to find and engage the right talent for contract positions through direct access to private and public talent pools,” says Leeby. Self-sourcing directly links businesses with a talent pool, reducing time to fill as well as allowing organizations better control over finding the perfect match for their unique requirements. Recently, the company created a private pool of talent for a financial company that enhanced their ability to garner talent from alumni, retirees, and silver medalists who are willing to accept contractual work. The client witnessed immense success through this solution as their time to fill diminished tremendously. While delivering these solutions, Beeline also offers the necessary consulting services to optimize and build an efficient internal program through its advisory services team.

Beeline typically works with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies that have high contingent labor demands, to fulfill their requests and deliver enhanced value. “We keenly observe the evolution of the workforce procurement industry and innovate our solutions accordingly,” asserts Leeby. Currently, Beeline is looking to infuse artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning into its solutions to bring greater value to the companies and make it easier for them to procure and manage contingent labor.

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FREMONT, CA: “Beeline is innovating and forging a path to accommodate the future of work for the enterprise,” says Doug Leeby, CEO of Beeline.
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Doug Leeby, CEO

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