Zycus: Amplifying Decision-Making through Robust Procurement Technology Solutions

Aatish Dedhia, CEO
Procurement has transformed from being just a tactical facet, to creating a strategic impact on business performance. The transformation process has invited with it a swarm of challenges, where most procurement technology providers deliver inadequate solutions. A comprehensive set of issues brew in a dynamic vertical such as procurement, and demand for flexibility runs high. Zycus, a global vendor of procurement performance technology, has delivered relevant solutions to improve both strategic and operational dimensions of the procurement landscape. The simplified design philosophy that Zycus’ solutions embody, aim on elevating procurement processes to significantly propel business performance; without compromising on the deployed applications’ ease of use.

The volatility of the procurement environment demands a multifarious approach. A single-module based solution has lost relevance in the current procurement scenario, where constant changes have lead to an ever-changing environment. The dynamic nature calls for various upstream and downstream modules to be embedded in one application. Such an umbrella application that compiles all aspects of procurement performance technology is the need of the hour. Sensing this, Zycus has managed to collate procurement production modules such as, Spend Analysis, eSourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Management, e-Procurement, eInvoicing and Financial Savings Management under one, single suite. The company’s mainstay product, Zycus Source-to-Pay Procurement Software Suite is replete with modules that operate in both the upstream and downstream parts of the Source-to-Pay cycle. The suite also boasts of an omni-module feature called ‘One View’; which in a matter of few clicks gathers all related information from different modules pertaining to a specific supplier.

Owing to the suite, all modules fall under the purview of a single procurement solutions provider. Besides stemming expenses, eliminating multiplicity of solution providers ensures a uniform platform where usability flourishes. The troika of a unique technology engine, delightful customer support, and ease of use positively catalyses productivity.
For example, semiconductor behemoth AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) began transitioning from a standalone procurement solution to Zycus Source-to-Pay Procurement Software Suite, where Supplier Performance Management, eSourcing and Advanced Spend Analytics implementations were deployed. Aiming to hasten procurement goals, legacy homegrown systems were eradicated. Process efficiency experienced a surge due to increased automation and the suite’s ease of use ensured high adoption rates to the solutions implemented. The resulting outcome was a 100 percent adoption rate for Zycus’ implementation for supplier performance management. Additionally, feedback to the supplier had been automated through a designated portal which contributed in increasing process efficiency. Level of usability had experienced a paradigm shift through the suite’s dashboard which updates in real-time. Zycus’ SaaS (Software as a Service) had expressed qualities of a flexible, procurement-centric solution which culminated in accelerating ROI (Return on Investment) and enhanced savings realization.

The troika of a unique technology engine, delightful customer support, and ease of use positively catalyses productivity

Sprawling across Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Automotives, Food Processing, Manufacturing Electronics, Education, Health and Pharma, and several other verticals, Zycus has benchmarked itself by attracting companies of the highest caliber. Equipped with the broadest product spectrum in the pro-curement technology arena, the company has made its presence felt across the globe. Zycus equates clients with partners where symbiotic growth environments are formed naturally. The pro-curement solutions provider looks ahead with the ambition of introducing customer-focused, simple and regular updates that not only travel beyond automation; but also aid in decision-making.


Princeton, NJ

Aatish Dedhia, CEO

Provides comprehensive Source-to-Pay suite of procurement performance solutions, catering to both strategic and operational aspects of procurement