Vroozi: Purchasing Made Ridiculously Simple, Beautiful and Mobile

Steve Olds, CEO
For years, procurement technologies focused on reducing costs, providing customer services and delivering goods and services to companies timely. Now, the challenge is to provide a single procurement platform that not only connects customers and suppliers electronically, but also accommodates an increasing mobile workforce who utilize multiple devices to perform daily business tasks from checking email to viewing financial reports. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA—Vroozi offers a mobile procurement solution that provides a simple and intuitive interface to allow employees to order products from their suppliers with a few clicks. The company was launched on the belief that “B2B procurement should be beautifully simple but also provide enterprise-grade functionality for all,” begins Shaz Khan, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Vroozi. “Companies should be able to configure the Vroozi platform according to their business rules in minutes without requiring programming expertise and realize business benefits in days as opposed to years.”

The company’s Mobile-First Procurement platform offers access to every business function in the procure-to-pay scenario including supplier catalog management, approval workflow, and dynamic sourcing. In the Vroozi platform, customers can search for products, create shopping lists, and order products from a phone or tablet from any site location. In addition, suppliers can electronically sign purchase orders via DocuSign integration that eliminates the paper trail in the procurement process. “We are fanatical on design and user experience and are providing a platform that goes beyond the limited mobile use cases in the market today such as approving a purchase request on a smartphone,” remarks Steve Olds, CEO of Vroozi.

In addition, Vroozi’s procurement platform offers a three-step pricing tier, based on the functionality requirements of a business as opposed to the business size. “The first tier includes the basic procurement business process, the second tier includes catalog management capability, and our premier tier adds third party integrations and more complex business rules configuration,” elaborates Khan.
Shaz Khan, CSO & Co-Founder
Along with the requirements, the company provides an API library to integrate with ERP systems and other third party systems that are already installed within a company.

With a keen focus on continuous product development, Vroozi follows three pillars of platform innovation—“to build an enterprise solution for the masses that adopts to people’s way of life, and not the other way around, build a comprehensive solution, but present to the users only the most simple interface so that they are not paralyzed by multiple choices and decisions, and deliver a solution that can be used by the entire company on Day 1,” says Olds. One of the key advantages according to Olds is that since Vroozi is a new player, they are able to develop a platform, which the existing vendors cannot re-architect or accomplish.In addition, Vroozi simplifies the integration process by providing a plug and play interface which can be adapted to businesses of all sizes and companies across industry verticals in a cost-effective manner.

In one instance, Vroozi assisted medical facilities, who were calling in orders to the suppliers every day over the phone or exchanging quotes and proposals via email and fax. “In less than a month, we installed Vroozi for twenty facilities so that the staff could go to supply closets and place an order for lab equipment and dietary items with a click of a button from their tablets,” says Khan. The platform increased the client’s operational efficiency, bringing visibility on all spend activities, providing real-time budget checks, and allowing employees to send and track orders with the suppliers.

Vroozi plans to continue to push the boundaries of traditional procurement solutions and focus on the increasing mobile and remote workforce. “At present, our company is interested in the formation of standards around the Internet of Things and where products and services are discoverable assets that can be reordered automatically based on time stamps,” concludes Khan.


Los Angeles, CA

Steve Olds, CEO and Shaz Khan, CSO & Co-Founder

Vroozi’s Mobile Procurement platform offers access to every business function in the procure to pay scenario on any device

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