BROWZ: Ensuring Safe, Qualified, and Socially Responsible Supply Chains

Elaine Beitler, CEO The functionality of today’s supply chain management is based on a simple mantra, “deliver on-time and within budget.” However, globalization has brought forth significant challenges for procurement and logistics operations. More often than not, companies are enlisting suppliers from geographically diverse locations for procurement of raw materials in order to capitalize on the emerging markets. They are also enlisting the help of contractors to address operational needs related to maintenance, repair, and operations. Historically, the primary focus of procurement professionals has been to negotiate the lowest price possible. Today that responsibility has grown: the inherent risks involved in global procurement operations are becoming apparent, and the role of procurement professionals is transforming to address the long-term demands of outsourcing. “Modern day procurement professionals find themselves in a very strategic role where they are central to the ongoing management of the supply chain,” asserts Elaine Beitler, CEO of BROWZ. With the supply chain industry growing exponentially and proliferating into emerging markets, the challenges for organizations proportionately increase as well. Elaine further explains that even though the list of objectives for procurement varies by organization, it usually revolves around five major themes: cost reduction, risk mitigation, sustainability, ethical practices, and talent acquisition.

“The world’s largest organizations are defining risk standards for their supply chain that must be met,” explains Elaine. “These standards often include safety, insurance, financial, and legal criteria along with corporate social responsibility and sustainability objectives. Only suppliers that meet these standards are awarded new work.” As a result, safety and procurement professionals are working closely to ensure this qualification takes place, but the traditional approach of using spreadsheets isn’t enough. Salt Lake City, UT based BROWZ offers a promising approach. The company is uniquely positioned to assure supply chains are safe, qualified, and socially responsible. “We do this by developing a comprehensive online solution to assess supplier qualification, manage employee level data, conduct safety audits, and improve sourcing,” says Elaine.

Instead of adopting the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, the offerings can be configured to align with the organizations’ work culture and unique business needs. “The entire BROWZ supply chain product suite is delivered using our highly configurable online application, designed to address the unique business needs of diverse enterprise organizations,” explains Elaine. “Our powerful technology allows us to create and implement a compliance program that’s the right fit for the business.”

Unique Approach for Prequalification

Prequalification weeds out unqualified bidders and expedites the evaluation of bids. In this process, qualification data is scored and validated by an independent third party. This provides assurance that buyers are working with safe, qualified, and socially responsible contractors and suppliers. BROWZ has mastered the art of helping organizations screen contractors based on the information provided. BROWZ takes a consultative approach by sharing industry best practices and partners with the client to define their unique supply chain requirements. BROWZ then creates an online assessment on behalf of its clients.
Suppliers and contractors are then asked to complete the assessments and submit supporting documents. BROWZ then validates and scores the information based on their clients’ standards. The final results are displayed online using intuitive icons so the company’s clients know at a glance which members of their supply chain meet their standards. “We assign a single point of contact to every supplier and contractor, answering questions and proactively communicating deficiencies to the buyer’s requirements,” adds Elaine.

The company employs its patented technology, BROWZ SURE, to guarantee accurate risk assessment across the supply chain and manage thousands of supplier data points across multiple risk levels and locations. It also calculates and displays real-time compliance for the entire supply chain. Organizations can utilize SURE Qualify to identify risk within their supply chain in key areas such as insurance and risk, environmental health and safety, corporate social responsibility, financial stability, supplier demographics, and diversity. Additionally, organizations can gain insights into qualifications at the employee level of the supplier. With SURE Workforce, BROWZ clients can track and manage employee information such as training qualifications, certifications, licenses, background check, drug and alcohol testing, employee photos, and much more. “Effective dates and expirations for requested information can be recorded and monitored with intuitive icons showing compliant or non-compliant individuals, all based on corporate or site-level requirements so our clients know who should or should not be allowed on-site,” informs Elaine.

SURE Workforce also incorporates a web-based learning management system, Training Centre, a sophisticated platform to deliver and document high-quality, computer based training for contractors at the employee level. “With Training Centre, our clients can provide critical orientation, safety, or other corporate training to their contractors over the web before they ever arrive on-site,” says Elaine. Time and Attendance Tracking, included in SURE Workforce, allows BROWZ’s clients to record when a contractor arrives at or departs from a client’s facility. Contractors can be checked in and out manually by the gate entry staff, or BROWZ can integrate seamlessly with badging systems to collect and record this information automatically. Should an organization need to provide temporary access to their site, identification cards for contractors can be printed directly from BROWZ.

The world’s largest organizations are defining risk standards for their supply chain that must be met. We configure our solutions to address these needs

Another interesting functionality offered by BROWZ is SURE Audit, available when greater levels of risk are anticipated in a supply chain. BROWZ employs a team of qualified safety professionals to verify the compliance of a supplier’s safety program through an in-depth review of the supplier’s health and safety manual. BROWZ identifies and reports safety program and management system deficiencies with detailed information on what must be corrected. Deficiencies are reported through automated notifications to suppliers along with personal communication from the BROWZ support team, helping to educate suppliers and contractors.
All audit findings are made available to the hiring companies along with supporting documentation in BROWZ. By leveraging Safety Management System Audits, organizations can determine supplier deficiencies that would otherwise be invisible. This audit directly benefits contractors by providing them with a gap analysis to improve their safety performance.

Complex Global Requirements

With more than decade of supply chain management experience, BROWZ delivers qualification solutions in more than 30 industry verticals around the world. From mining and manufacturing to entertainment, chemicals, and utilities, BROWZ has a diverse clientele and is witnessing a soaring demand for its solutions. Having worked in highly regulated industries such as mining and utilities, BROWZ is well versed to the world’s most challenging compliance requirements and regularly consults on best practices regarding supply chain management systems. “Enforcement is really key,” says Elaine. “The most effective organizations are those that are prepared to enforce these types of programs and communicate early on why this is so important. In the end everyone benefits from a safer work environment.”

Referencing U.S. mining, Elaine explains, “MSHA compliance requirements necessitate active, ongoing management and monitoring of contractors and their employees. Since contractor and supplier qualification and management is often a decentralized process, it can become difficult for companies to actively manage contractor data and comply with government regulations.” Third-party contractors need help in understanding and meeting the industries stringent compliance requirements. BROWZ provides the right combination of best practices, technology, and professional services to deliver a contractor qualification and management solution to meet each industry’s unique business needs.

Thanks to BROWZ, risk management activities are now being actively managed and this has resulted in the alleviation of tremendous administrative burden for all of their clients regardless of industry. “BROWZ has helped many clients to automate manual work flows, using our sophisticated technology, and integrating with other key enterprise technology systems such as ERP, security, and operations among others,” says Elaine.

Mobile Access

BROWZ has similar success stories for some of the world’s largest organizations, advancing initiatives in prequalification and compliance programs for diverse supply chains. To further streamline the procurement and qualification process, BROWZ recently launched its first mobile application, ‘BROWZ for Clients.’ This app provides clients with real-time access to data available anytime, anywhere on mobile devices. “Working with our customers, we discovered a good portion were out in the field away from their desks for long periods of time,” says Elaine.

“This shift in user access is changing the way we provide information to our clients–whether through mobile or desktop–because our clients are changing the way they do business.” The company is making long strides in terms of innovation but Elaine doesn’t let out the cat out of the bag. She emphasizes that BROWZ will continue to deliver unique solutions that are the right fit for in this fast moving industry.


Salt Lake City, UT

Elaine Beitler, CEO

BROWZ delivers assurance that your business is working with safe, qualified, and socially responsible contractors and suppliers

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