BravoSolution: Going beyond Traditional Procurement Strategies

Jim Wetekamp, CEO
Organizations around the world are in search of effective procurement solutions that apart To keep pace with these evolving requirements, BravoSolution provides affordable procurement solutions that help enterprises propel business growth and maximize competitive advantage by offering a comprehensive 360 degree view across every step of the procurement process. The brainchild of Federico Vitaletti, a technology industry veteran, with deep expertise in supply chain (SC) solutions, BravoSolution offers cutting-edge solutions and services.

“Procurement acts as a lifeline to achieve operational excellence in the business. With this rising demand, our company has grown to provide best-in-class procurement solutions to clients of varied fields,” delineates Jim Wetekamp, CEO, BravoSolution. The company’s proactive procurement solutions support the managements through their sophisticated sourcing and SC operations. “Our competent solutions leverages the power of procurement by furnishing benefits such as increased process efficiency, dynamically-driven decision clues, improved process governance and greater quality relationship with vendors,” explains Wetekamp.

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, the company offers next generation procurement platform, BravoAdvantage, which uses a supplier-centric approach to enhance integration between supplier and enterprise procurement process. The approach that includes phases such as Savings Management, Spend Analysis, Supplier Value Management, Sourcing and Contract Lifecycle Management promotes optimized service delivery. These phases further ensure visibility into procurement operations. “Our platform streamlines the source, conducts sourcing events, evaluates goods and automates the procedures to reduce cycle times. Such matchless features of our platform enhances transparency and improves ROI for our clients,” asserts Wetekamp.

Furthermore, as enterprises move towards embracing more agile strategies, BravoSolution is sharpening their tools to be at par with the latest trends in procurement. Relying on their capability to handle the complex environment of Supplier Performance Management (SPM), the company offers a SPM tool that empowers enterprises by providing actionable alerts and scorecards.
The alerts being based upon certain configurable key performance indicators (KPI) paves way for logically-driven results. Additionally, the SPM tool also administers risk trends and problem areas through its viable traits of exception-based corrective action plans and compliance reporting. These reports guide their clients to bring in continuous improvement into their procurement strategies.

Our SPM tool specializes in carrying out full performance management lifecycle: from strategy development, to scorecard execution, to corrective action plan development

As a trusted procurement solution provider, BravoSolution has helped over 60,000 professionals spread across different countries in easing their complex sourcing and SC operations. For instance, NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency, an executive agency of the UK Department of Health, wanted to improve the efficiency of its procurement process in line with the recommendations of Supply Chain Excellence Program (SCEP). The client’s need for strategic sourcing was met by adoption of e-Tendering element in e-Sourcing solution hosted by BravoSolution. The utilization of this web-based technology had securely facilitated the buyer and supporter interaction throughout the tender process. “Within the first six months of our service going online, as many as hundred tenders could be published effortlessly. As a result, the client also observed significant performance and productivity improvements in their entire procurement process,” extols Wetekamp.

In the years to come, BravoSolution will continue to focus on providing solutions that promote enterprises to share, understand, and act upon the wealth of sourcing-related data. “We pride our-selves on the fact that our solutions have become the most trusted source for professionals to manage their procurement operations,” concludes Wetekamp.


Milan, Rome

Jim Wetekamp, CEO

The company enables efficient procurement operations through its comprehensive and flexible solutions.