Simplifying Telecom Expense Management

Rob Bush, Co-Founder & CEO
Telecommunications is one of the largest spend categories at most multinational companies. It is important to distinguish between “spend” and “cost”, and decipher the real cost to a company’s bottom line by broken communication and hindered agility when management of the telecom infrastructure is not prioritized.

“Spend” is what you pay the operators and service providers for allowing you to lease their telecom infrastructure to you, or what you spend on maintaining your telecom infrastructure if you own your own network. “Cost” expends beyond that to include what you pay people to manage that spend, including design, change requests, SLAs and invoice processing and more.

Managing telecom expenses is often a coordination nightmare, managed on spreadsheets, conference calls and a soup of various tools, databases and vendor lists. Here, the enhanced productivity and communication holds the key and a SaaS-based software solution is how it is achieved.

Coming from a Telecom procurement department at a major multinational bank, CEO and Co-founder of SourceConnect. net Rob Bush had felt the pain for so many years, he decided to solve the problem once and for all. He declares, “SourceConnect, our SaaS platform, fulfills the gap in technology that helps organizations handle their telecom sourcing without having to settle for a lackluster application or outsource to a third-party provider.” As you would imagine, it has the features combined in a seamless, self-propagating workflow, just like you’d put on your birthday wish list, built around four key components bid automator, inventory automator, source automator and report automator. For example, your team can use SourceConnect to perform RFPs, validate invoices, manage outages, perform supplier relationship management, or manage your contract pipeline just to name a few of the many functions.

It’s not the features alone that make SourceConnect the first tool that solves the problems faced by procurement and network managers, nor is it the fact that there’s a SaaS based version for getting started fast makes the platform attractive for enterprises.

SourceConnect, our SaaS platform, fulfills the gap in technology that helps organizations handle their telecom sourcing without having to settle for a lackluster application or outsource to a third-party provider

It’s not even the fact that it reveals opportunities to save on network expenses. It’s the fact that it identifies costs in the network contracts by itself and spots opportunities for cost savings and minimizes the cost of recognizing them.

What makes SourceConnect’s remarkable is the way it enables companies to seize opportunities because it brings agility to an otherwise debilitating slow process of reporting and forecasting in real time. Everything is interconnected, so that data flows seamlessly from one task to another, keeping everybody on the team on the same page in real time. For example, the bid automator which is used to track and manage MACD automatically updates the inventory and the inventory feeds your network management team all in real time.

Look at it like this, have you ever unpacked a box of Lego and noticed they’re in small bags? That’s because if you tripped a thousand Lego bricks on the floor, it would take forever to get organized, and you might not finish your fire truck before mum calls you down for dinner. Well that’s what SourceConect is optimized for - speed and agility to get the job finished fast, and free you to do more valuable planning and optimization work. Built by someone who lived these problems for years, Rob has designed SourceConnect into modules to provide rapid entry points into any task or team. This means that when asked to plan for a merger, network audit, contract negotiation or just a team meeting, you can get to the task and deliver the results faster and with a better outcome every time.


Chicago, IL

Rob Bush, Co-Founder & CEO

Enables enterprises and Telecom Operators to manage their third party telecom expenses, forecasting, consolidation, SLA Credits and M&A planning - from a single platform