Provade: Efficient Vendor Management System for Optimized Workforce Procurement

Hans Bukow, President
Today enterprises are increasingly leveraging highly advanced procurement tools to streamline their supply chain operations. These advancements have resulted in dramatic improvements in cost and performance. According to Hans Bukow, President of Provade, Inc., “Despite the proliferation in the procurement landscape, the task of effectively executing procurement and supply chain management operations often turns out to be a challenging endeavor. Organizations face challenges in maintaining good coordination with their vendors. Failing to do so can cause ineffectiveness in achieving desired results – especially when related to subcontracted workforce and projects.”

Based in Milwaukee, WI, Provade offers cutting-edge Vendor Management Software (VMS) that enables procurement teams to maximize the value of their contingent workforce supply chain. This software enables clients to manage their contingent workforce procurement spend in 60 countries in many different languages and currencies. “Our VMS solutions make it easier for enterprises to include specific vendors, run more subcontracted/project work events, source complex categories, and use historical data to attain greater outcomes,” says Bukow. This results in organizations gaining instant access to critical information for improved performance–and because it is fully accessible through mobile devices, available at all times.

Being the provider of enterprise-class solutions, the company adopts a holistic approach by combining the efficiency of people, process and technology that delivers best-in-class results. Provade’s VMS solution can be either utilized as a stand-alone SaaS solution or integrated into organizations’ existing enterprise systems.

In many instances, companies approach Provade to sort out issues regarding usability and invoice reconciliation due to the manual entry of procurement data. Provade’s VMS solutions enable automation of clients’ procurement process, thereby providing them coherent results. “Within the initial four months of implementation, clients have witnessed invoice accuracy increasing by as much as 100 percent. Additionally, our VMS solutions help clients handle more complex issues related to staffing supplier requirements, statement-of-work management and independent contractor compliance issues,” extols Bukow.
“Provade VMS acts as the system of record to allow enterprises to gain visibility into their workforces and automate their tracking and payment methods,” claims Bukow. The viable traits of VMS include integrating with other enterprise management systems, tracking hourly and milestone billing for independent contractors, and automating supplier invoicing and payments. These core features promote comprehensive non-employee work acquisition and management.

Additionally, the development of Provade’s Statement-of-Work (SOW) Analyzer tool helps clients reorganize and optimize their SOW spend into time and expense (T&E) work vs. project-based deliverables. The process consists of standardizing, automating, and implementing the best practices of work force supply chain and procurement market places. “Though businesses supply chains often tend to exclude SOW, deliverables and project spend, our solutions ensure streamlining organizations’ outsourced costs by taking account of every expense incurred during the entire lifecycle of outsourced work - from requisition, sourcing, procurement, project work performance, payment and reconciliation,” states Bukow. These initiatives help organization to maintain detailed and accurate procurement and related performance costs.

Besides SOW Analyzer, Provade serves public and private organizations through Vendor Analytics. “Organizations often face major compliance threats when taking on partnerships with non-licensed staffing vendors. Provade VMS helps manage this by offering well-researched vendor information on approved and non-approved vendors and helping them to stay away from potential risks,” points out Bukow.

Moving ahead with the latest technologies, Provade also leverages its proficiency in offering free mobile applications for workers in contingent labor programs. Enabling a free flow connection, irrespective of any location and time, these applications allow the worker to perform important entry of timesheets and expense data for management approval. The app can be used across any operating systems of mobile devices, including both iOS and Android. Going forward, Provade foresees numerous growth opportunities in serving the mid-size markets. The company will continue its focus on the mobility aspect of the procurement landscape to further enhance its offerings and expertise.

Provade, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI

Hans Bukow, President

Offering enterprise-class vendor management system (VMS) and workforce supply chain management solutions that help businesses realize significant benefits in their service procurement programs and contingent workforce management.