Procure-to-Pay Automation Guide

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Procure-to-Pay Automation Guide

What is Procure-to-Pay Automation? How do organizations manage business operations through procure-to-pay process?

Procure-to-pay automation streamlines all purchasing, accounts payable and related activities electronically. Adopting procure-to-pay technology allows purchasing departments to efficiently spend, have accurate real time pricing with connections to every supplier, online catalogs and tracking. This cloud based procure-to-pay automation system creates efficiency, control, visibility and compliance all in one centralized location.

Benefits of Procure-to-Pay:

  • Procurement-to-pay enables businesses to connect with all suppliers online by accessing their catalogs, purchase orders, and viewing real time pricing and receiving.

  • Manage and purchase for capital projects and expenditures.

  • View and report on forecasting and budget impact.

  • Instant budget forecast updates in the system.

This whitepaper will guide in implementing procure-to-pay process in:

  • Purchasing Departments in optimized purchasing and cutting costs.

  • Finance Departments in assessing financial performance, operations and risk management.

  • Information Technology Departments in ensuring customers data security.

Download this whitepaper and learn more about how BirchStreet Systems has come up with the cloud-based procure-to-pay automation technology through SaaS-based operating and reporting tools to improve business processes by automating eProcurement, AP 3-Way Auto-Match, Inventory Control, Recipe Management System and Capital Budget Management.

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